10 Time-Tested Ways to improve your Customers’ Experience

1. It all starts with an IVR

How many times have you frowned, exclaimed, had to get back the main menu, only to find yourself lost again?

The automated voice on the other end of the line makes your customers’ first impression about your brand and processes, and you certainly don’t want your customers feel like they are stuck in a maze. Before deploying a solution, we need to make sure that our customers are treated to a superior experience, and IVR Testing is the first step.

Every call scenario needs to be tested as if it were from specific customers calling with a unique question. The goal is to get as close as possible to a live customer experience and make necessary adjustments before placing your brand reputation at risk.

Key areas that you need to test for include:

  • Scripting to verify and streamline each possible path through the IVR.
  • Ensure the system can handle peak periods
  • Clear options to overcome any background noises that customers may have.

Get these right and your customers won’t be frustrated when they connect with an advisor.

2. Personalize your engagement

You’re browsing a website, trying to reach what you’re looking for, when suddenly a pop-up with noisy sound, trying to connect you to some advisor or get your personal info., interrupts you. Sounds familiar?

Consumers spend on average less than six minutes on a website before they decide to make a purchase or leave. Businesses only have few precious moments to influence the customer’s purchase decisions and offer a personalized touch.

Knowing when to engage with customers online is the key differentiator many businesses are looking to deploy across their customer experience operations. With AI based technologies, they will provide consumers with a personalized service and will assist them when they most need it rather than stepping in their way uninvited.

3. Analyse when and where your customers are dropping off

You can’t change what you don’t measure, right? Measuring your customers’ efforts to make a purchase or connect with your advisors is a game-changer. Analysing your customers’ journey to see when and where you’re losing them will help take the appropriate steps to reduce abandonment.

For instance, your contact centre can make contextual offers via human-assisted chat at high abandonment points and perform A/B testing to evaluate whether that increases customer engagement.

Another example is to analyse customer queries and feedback to see if there are any gaps in your knowledge base content or the tools used by the advisors.

4. Don’t forget your employees’ journey

Put yourself in your advisors’ place – what do you see? Most likely, too much tools on their screens, forcing them to switch constantly between applications to get your customers the answers they need, in the channel of their choice.

Make it easy for your advisors to have all the information they need at their fingertips, in a single system that includes all the answers they may need and automatically logs all interactions from contact information, activity history and complete case notes on customers, advisors will be able to focus on interactions for a first-time resolution with minimal subsequent follow-up calls.

5. Connect your channels

An Omnichannel is great in theory, but few contact centers do it right. Those that do, though, can provide an easier, improved journey across all customer touchpoints.

Let’s take a busy customer as an example; the customer communicates with the advisor over the phone, and create a temporarily profile that is stored on the system and can easily be modified later. When the customer is later asked to fill in an application form that can submitted online and linked directly to their profile.

If the customer did not finish their application, they would receive a reminder by phone, online or via a messaging app, depending on their preference.

What else can help create a seamless customer experience? Join the discussion and let us know…

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